Lazy weekends and evenings

So, school-work started up again on January 3rd, after 2 great weeks of vacation. But school-degree doesn’t start until January 24th, after I finished my last final on Saturday, December 11th. If you’re a calendar whiz, you’ll already know that equals over 6 weeks of vacation from school-degree.

When I was in the throes of both school-work and school-degree, at the end of November, I was sure I would use that wonderfully-long break for something very productive, or at least somewhat productive and relaxing. Reading novel after novel, say (when I’m on a roll, I can easily read 2 books a week), or maybe even organizing and pulling out my scrapbooking. I would run more, and definitely go to bed earlier. I might even read ahead in the textbooks for next semester. That would be very wise. And, of course, I would fill my free time with my children with activities and learning. At the very least, I would start this blog.

Of course, I didn’t do most of that. I read a few books, but mostly I started books and didn’t finish. I almost feel like I’ve forgotten how to read. Or it takes more energy than I have, or more time than I’m willing to give up. I looked at my scrapbooking corner every once in a while, but since there’s no table or desk set up, it isn’t really possible to do anything with it. I was excited by the fact that one of my text books is one I used this summer for a class, but otherwise, I considered it a major accomplishment that I found and ordered all of my books well in advance. I ran marginally more: I didn’t run much, but I ran far more than I’d run most of the Fall semester. I didn’t plan any amazing activities with my kids, but I read more books, played more games, and definitely snuggled a lot. The blog has percolated in my head, but clearly it wasn’t started until now.

But I did sleep. Oh, did I sleep. I went to bed by 10 on the majority of nights, earlier on many. Some nights I indulged and stayed up late, but it was a choice, not a requirement. I rested, and relaxed.
And in many ways I’m bored. Maybe that was really what I needed. Mental down time, to make me think that full time work, full time grad school, and full time mom is the best deal around. Because, of course, it has to be, at least for the next year and a half!

  1. #1 by Barb VanWechel on January 16, 2011 - 5:14 pm

    Wow, more power to you! I enjoy your blogs.

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