Busy day, so tired

My day today was full of good things.  However, these good things do leave me lacking in motivation to blog.  I’m currently curled up in bed, cozy pajamas, and electric blanket on.  It’s 8:21 and I could fall asleep right now.  In a few minutes we’ll watch Modern Family, and then I will fall asleep.

But about today.  I started typing it all out, but it’s too much.  I don’t have the energy to make it readable.  So, I have two things:  A summary, and my favorite part of the day.
Summary:  wake up (5:30), get ready, go to Growth Group, go to work, therapy for 34 students, attend/take notes for IEP conference at the end of the day, catch the end of a playdate for Miss Imagination, spend time talking with playdate’s mom, start dinner, do a presentation on How and Why you should Read to your Children, come home, read to Perpetual Motion Boy, take care of slept-most-of-the-afternoon Humorous Thinker Son (who might be sick son), get into bed, check Blackboard for most recent information on 3 grad classes starting next week, realize I have an assignment due on Tuesday (first day of class), plus some reading to be ready for lecture, write blog.

Favorite thing:  It seems like it was actually 3 days ago, but my Growth Group (by any other name a Bible Study or Small Group) has been something I have been wanting for a long time.  I started this group for the current round of Growth Groups through http://www.livingstones.cc/ I’m so thankful for women who are willing to meet at 6:30 am to learn and encourage each other.  What a blessing!

Modern Family has loaded.  Time to laugh.  And sleep.  Probably in that order, though I never can be sure.

  1. #1 by Buffy on January 21, 2011 - 9:19 am

    I love the names that you gave your family members! What about the dog?

    • #2 by heatherinIN on January 21, 2011 - 4:05 pm

      Thanks, Buffy! I guess because she’s a dog, we can just call her Goldie. But if I were to assign her a name, I think I’d go with Squirrel Chaser.

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