Relaxing weekend mornings mean…

  • Getting to lie in bed until I really feel like getting up (I think I made it until 7am today!  After the first child came into our room at 5:45, that was quite a bit of lying-in-bed time.)
  • Kids watching videos.  Today was the end of The Fox and the Hound; Science Rocks; and Martha Speaks.
  • Drinking lots of coffee, not because I need it to wake up and function, but because I really like coffee.
  • Making the first frittata I’ve made in years.  It was beyond good.
  • Getting to split “hair day” into two mornings.  Today, take out old style, wash, and product-ize (what’s the word for that?) I put in Wet Set Hair Pudding.  I will leave it free today.  Then tonight I’ll put it in quick braids, and tomorrow morning I am thinking about this style:  big cornrows into big puffs.  I like it free, but it’s a lot of maintenance that we don’t really have time for on a daily basis right now.  It breaks a lot more, too.
  • Kids playing computer games.  Right now their favorite is Poptropica, but they also really like tvo Kids.  I love all three of them playing the one game together.
  • Thinking about doing homework, but still having the freedom to wait a little longer.  (But I do have homework to do before Monday).
  • Not thinking about progress reports to do at all.  Except now I’m thinking about them.  Moving on…
  • The luxury to not shower until after 10:30 am.
  • Did I mention lots of coffee?

It’s almost time to move on with the day.  I need to clear the table off in preparation for Grandma and Grandpa coming over to spend the afternoon with the kids (some painting projects are in the works!), and get ready to go to Growth Group training with my wonderful husband, who is leading the training.  And I do have to shower.  And do homework.  I will not do progress reports, though, unless I get bored. 🙂

But I love relaxing mornings.  Sometimes I want to be productive, but working full time has made me really appreciate staying in the pajamas and lounging around.  I did not fully appreciate weekends until I started working!

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