It’s not me, it’s him

A recent comment made me realize I need to clarify something.  My level of super-amazingness is not what allows me to do all of this and blog.   It may be in part the ADHD, leading me to have an iron in way too many fires, but the only reason any of it gets done successfully (or done at all, instead of just half-done) is because I have an amazing husband.

You may read all of the things I do, and think to yourself, “Some days I feel fortunate to get the laundry done.  I could never do the rest of it, too!”  Just so you know… I don’t do the laundry.  Well, sometimes I start a load. And occasionally, I remember to move a load to the dryer after Carl asks me to do so  (but I often forget).

And you may think, “I can’t even keep up with my two kids, not to mention having 3 kids and working!”  To that I remind you, my youngest is now 3 1/2 and in school half days, and I have no responsibility to get her there and back.  That’s all Carl.   He also volunteers at her school. And while I’m at the same school as the boys, if there’s something important, I put it on Carl’s schedule, because there’s no way I’ll remember.  And then, even when it’s on his schedule, and he reminds me, I still might forget.  Take, for instance, today’s parent-teacher conference for Miss Imagination.  Today at 4:40.  I was supposed to leave the house at 4:20.   The boys could handle themselves at home for 40 minutes until Carl got home with Miss Imagination from gymnastics (and I would have asked our neighbor to monitor Perpetual Motion Boy, who was outside with his neighbor buddy).  And I forgot.  Completely, absolutely, not even a glimmer in my mind forgot.  I don’t remember anything on my own.

Or you  may say, “My brain feels too full with just keeping up with family stuff, I couldn’t also take 3 graduate level classes!”  To that, I remind you of my husband.  I don’t keep up with family stuff.  I read to the kids, I play games with them, and I snuggle each night.  It mostly happens the same way every day, so I don’t have to keep track of it.  The doctor’s visits, the dentist, each of their activities–that is all Carl.  I couldn’t do it!  To tell you the truth, when I was a Stay-at-Home Mom, he still had to help me keep track of most of that, even when he worked full time.  I’m not very good at it.  I can admit that weakness!

There’s one other major factor going on here, and that relates to a sermon this fall at our wonderful Living Stones Church.   Sam talked about a “sun stand still” prayer, in a sermon series on the book of Joshua, this one in particular the 10th chapter. (Carl could tell you the date, I’m sure.  The sermon series was called “Unstoppable”, if you want to hear it, it’s probably at the beginning of November.)  If you’re not familiar with the book of Joshua, the Israelites were engaged in a battle, where they were overwhelmed and unlikely to win.  He prayed for the sun to stand still in the sky, a pretty big thing, so that the Israelites, who had God on their side, could win that battle and fulfill God’s plan for their kingdom.

To that end, our “sun stand still” prayer for the church was to provide a hat, book, and pair of mittens or gloves for every student at the two closest elementary schools to the church.  The two schools together have 1000 students.  And, do you know,  our church did that?  We provided a very practical gift (the number of students at my own school with no hat or gloves is high, I can only imagine the same is true at these two schools), for a large number of students.  We prayed a big prayer, that we could meet this need.  And we did.

I didn’t call it a “sun stand still” prayer, when this journey of working + grad school started, but I know that it is.  This really is a pretty big undertaking, doing grad school, having a family with 3 kids, working full time (with a caseload that’s way, way, too high).  The only reason I can get through all of this right now, all at the same time, and still be smiling (most days), is because I know a great God.  Who gave me a great man to be on this journey together with me.  Who directs me on this journey, as we seek to fulfill his plan and serve Him.  There are about a thousand reasons why me getting my master’s degree helps with our ability to serve God.  Maybe I’ll get into that later.  You can trust me, though, that we are fully convinced of our lives happening this way for a reason.

There’s a reason I gave Carl an iPad for his birthday last year.  He’s that amazing.   So, when you’re tempted to think, “I wish I could do all of that!” … stop.  I didn’t start this blog for a comparison game, I promise.  And I can’t do all of this either.  Instead, know that it’s not me, it’s him.  And Him.

  1. #1 by Stacy on January 24, 2011 - 9:47 pm

    I love this post Heather. I too, rely heavily on my partnership. You and Carl are a good match.

  2. #2 by Kim on January 24, 2011 - 9:51 pm

    What a great post – way to take time out to give him kudos. You’re a fortunate wife to have him! And he is fortunate that you realize it and will pause to brag a bit. I want to do that more for my hubs, so thanks for the example.

  3. #3 by Kelly on January 24, 2011 - 11:57 pm

    That’s such a sweet post! I feel the same about my husband. Praise God he gave him to me, I need him!

  4. #4 by Tiffany on January 25, 2011 - 12:23 am

    You might as well be describing my life… on many levels. We share many similarities in how our households are run. I couldn’t work the amount of time I do, if I didn’t have an amazingly supportive and flexible husband, who takes and picks up the kids from school, goes on most of their field trips, gets to be there for their important events that happen during the day at school, and many weeks takes them to their activities. Our crazy busy (yet wonderful) life wouldn’t happen without both of us playing our individual roles and using our strengths and most importantly without the amazing role of our Heavenly Father in our lives.

    Very well written. I still think you are amazing for doing that hair so beautifully…. Just saying.

  5. #5 by Susan on January 27, 2011 - 10:42 am

    You seem to be a great team. Awesome.

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