Snow Day!

The Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011 did not bring its full fury to the South Bend area.  I think we got 9-10 inches, nowhere close to as much as the January snowstorm less than a month ago,which dropped a record-setting 38.6 inches of snow from Friday morning to Saturday night (the record breaking part was the 25 inches in 24 hours).  Eight inches, even the 15 inches in some places, seems like nothing!  However, the blizzard, by definition, brings strong wind, leading to big drifts. This is all system snow as well, not lake effect snow, which means it’s heavy and dense, not light and fluffy.  We may still get up to 5 inches of snow by tomorrow morning, says the current forecast.  So, the city is still shut down.  We have no need to leave, except for that Purple Porch Co-Op later this evening.  Which is still on, but will require massive driveway-shoveling.  We’ll see.

The third snow day in the 2010-2011 school year.  Is that a record?  I’m not sure, but it’s virtually unheard of in South Bend, an urban district known for not closing school.  I don’t mind too much… the kids sure love snow days, and they already have played outside for an hour and a half, read a lot of books, played in their respective rooms, and played some computer.  But making up a third day means most likely going until June 9th now.  I have to report to Bowling Green, Kentucky by June 25th for my summer boot camp (and probably a few days earlier to move in).  As much fun as snow days are, I do want to have some time off at home with the family.  So, I’m putting in my official request:  no more snow days, SBCSC!


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