This week in grad school

This is probably not so exciting to anyone but me.  However, it keeps me organized and focused, so I’m doing it again.

Seminar in Child Language:  Something funny–the class is 8-10pm on Tuesday nights.  However, in an email we got over winter break, it said it would be 6-8pm.  So the first night many of us showed up at 6pm, realized that Blackboard said otherwise, and came back at 8 (oh, the beauty of online classes!)

Well, what did I do this week?  Got myself all settled in to start class at 6pm!  There was no link, no one was there, and it still took me 5 minutes to figure it out!

Anyway, after I actually got to class at the right time, I enjoyed it.  We discussed the first chapter, which included a discussion of the definition of a language disorder (more complicated than you’d think!), people-first language, and models of language disorders.

I also chose my topic for the Research Resource project: Intervention for Literacy in Early Elementary. That may be refined somewhat as I research.

Motor Speech Disorders:  I have to watch the entire lecture again.  A major portion of the lecture was a video, played over Adobe Connect.  And while it worked, for whatever reason my connection was too slow for it.  So, it played, in a choppy fashion, for 5 minutes after it finished on the professor’s end.  Which meant I didn’t get what I was supposed to get from it.  After that we covered the third chapter of our text, which was mostly a review of our entire Neurology class last semester.  I had read the chapter, and liked it a lot more than the Neurology text last semester.  Or maybe it was just the second time around, it made more sense.

However, the lecture covered a lot that wasn’t in the text, and I hadn’t printed out the lecture notes (our printer is out of paper).  So, I need to watch again so I can take notes.

My chosen topic for my two-part research topic is Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Dysphagia:  This class continues to fascinate me.  I sit, inches from the screen, so I can watch a video of a swallow.  As she slowed it down so we could watch in detail something that is very fast, I found my pulse increasing.  And, when the video subject aspirated, I actually did gasp.  I said to a classmate, I had pretty much no undergrad education in dysphagia, so it’s all new, and fascinating.

We also discussed in detail all four stages of a normal swallow.  My throat was so dry by the end, from constant swallowing, and I was pretty sure I had some kind of disorder as it got progressively harder to swallow.  Turns out that happens when you need some water.  Good to know.

This week’s homework and to-do:

Sem Child Lang.: The first 5 resources are due Tuesday (name, citation, highlights, reservations/weaknesses, application).  Discussion board post due Tuesday.  Read Chapter 2 (Evaluation and Assessment).  Start working on making my Therapeutic Project (photo book for pronouns).

Motor Speech Disorders:  Watch last week’s lecture, take notes.  Read chapter 2 (Evaluation of Motor Speech Disorder.  Start research on Guillain-Barre.

Dysphagia:  We have no class on Thursday this week!  So I will read Chapter 2, the only thing on last week’s list that I didn’t do.  I also need more practice on drawing, and this week I will scan it.  And I need to make some contacts for my Bedside Swallow Exam, and figure out if I can use a student at school if I get a parent permission that is separate from parent permission on the IEP.

Other: I need to set up some observations.  I have to have 25 hours before boot camp, and though I’ve had that and way, way more, I’ve not ever had to keep track.  So I need a written record.  Not a problem, I’m looking forward to it.  But I need to set up some.  I want them to be various places and various ages.  So, this week, make a plan for at least those I want to do within the school district.

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