No iPhone for me

I have been the mostly-content user of a BlackBerry Storm since May 09. Until sometime this fall, it has met my needs and performed adequately. I don’t love the calendar; but, I don’t love any calendar.

This fall it started getting quite glitchy. The USB port stopped functioning, necessitating the purchase of an extra battery and a stand-alone battery charger. The screen cracked badly, and while it still worked, the accuracy and sensitivity was laughable. And it was really slow, no matter how many times I did a battery pull or maximized memory.

So, I began longing for an iPhone. When the announcement was made that iphone was coming to Verizon, I was absolutely convinced that I would get one. I could list many reasons why I should get one, even though just a month earlier I had said a Droid X , at $199, was too expensive… the same cost as the iPhone.

Yes, there are many great apps for speech-language therapy. I should know: I have an iPod Touch that I do use several times a week during therapy sessions. For some reason, though, I was convinced that the iPhone was still necessary.

But when it came time to actually order the phone, I couldn’t do it. Carl convinced me that as fun as it may be, it would be extraneous. I already have a smart phone. I already have an iPod Touch for the Apple apps I need for therapy. And ultimately, what I really want for therapy is an iPad. Until the time when I am ready to get one, an iPhone really serves no purpose, and drains the bank account more than we can really afford.

So, I paid for the replacement phone for my Storm (which has been under warranty), and now have a brand-new phone without the new 2-year contract. And I figured that I should try some new ways to utilize the phone. This was written entirely on my phone; but I can also use the app to keep track of ideas or start something when I am not at home.

I want to get my disorganized self using the calendar and to do lists. I do often make lists, but they are more fun: books I want to read, gift lists, web sites to look at later, that kind of thing.

I still want an iPhone, but I can wait. Or, I might stay with this phone until it dies, and keep up with saving for an iPad. Or maybe the school district will get smart boards for all. Since I will never get one without a complete school remodel (my room is more like a cell in size), and since a school remodel is not even remotely likely, I think I will stay with the iPad plan. Some day.

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