Two weeks in review

I missed writing last week’s grad school update post.  Which actually did result in less efficiency and organization for me:  I completed one assignment just before the deadline, and didn’t read two chapters.  I clearly need the weekly accountability of this post.

Dysphagia:  We had no class on February 10th.   I did not use the time to get caught up on my reading, however, nor to complete the assignment that was due on the 17th.  I think on that night I relaxed and went to bed early, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  This week in class, we moved on from discussing the anatomy and physiology of the swallowing mechanism to disorders of the swallowing mechanism.   I was pretty tired, and I think I need to watch the lecture again.  I didn’t even “multi-task” during the lecture (e.g., read other things during the lecture time…), and I still can’t give details about what we discussed.  I have the PowerPoint notes, but I don’t even know for sure if we got all of the way through them.  So, I must watch again.  I had to complete a discussion board post analyzing a video about the anatomy and physiology, and we had a quiz that I completed Friday night, on the anatomical structures.

Motor Speech Disorders:  On February 9th, we talked about assessment and watched another video.  Again, my connection did not keep up with the video live, and I had to watch the video after class.  Except I haven’t done that yet, because I didn’t post about it.  This week, we discussed Flaccid Dysarthria.  After first learning about what causes it (lower motor neuron damage), the many characteristics of it (breathiness and hypernasality, to name just a few), we then watched several video clips of different patients with flaccid dysarthria.  My connection kept up, for the most part, which was nice.  It was a good class, but felt a little overwhelming.  Perhaps more clarity will be gained throughout the semester, but there are 7 different types of dysarthria.  I was thinking that each type would sound quite similar (such as, all those with flaccid dysarthria would sound similar), but that wasn’t the case at all.  I was surprised by how much variation there was within just the 3-4 clips we watched.   The diagnosis of dysarthria is going to prove to be a difficult task.  If I were writing exams in this class, I would definitely include watching video clips and determining the type of dysarthria, and so I’m trying to approach this class as if that’s what will happen.  Which means I need to review the clips we watched several more times, until I can hear the similarities.

Seminar in Child Language:  On February 8th, we discussed Evaluation and Assessment.  We also had completed a discussion board post before class on the same topic.  For the discussion board, we read a brief social-developmental history, and wrote a summary paragraph, as would be done in a report.  We also made an assessment of severity based on a brief description and test scores of another hypothetical client.  It wasn’t hard, until during class when I realized (along with a few others) that the date on the history was from 2010, and so the client was actually 15 months old, not 2;3.  Thankfully we weren’t assessing severity of that client, because her language was quite delayed if she was 2;3, but not so significant, if at all, at 15 months.

This past week, we were supposed to be discussing Principles of Intervention, but she canceled the class.  We should be able to watch a recording of another section of the class, but I haven’t done so yet.  Our discussion board post discussed prioritization of goals.

So, my to do list this week:

Sem Child Lang: Watch the Intervention lecture.  Read chapters 4 & 5 by Tuesday (no small undertaking!  100 pages of dense text.)  I did not read these chapters this summer, so it’s all new reading.  By Tuesday, do discussion board post.   The syllabus also indicates there are two articles to read (on Down Syndrome and Autism), but I haven’t yet checked course documents on Blackboard to see if they are posted.  Read those, if they are up.  Oh, and I have 5 more resources due for my research project.  My therapeutic project is due the following week, so I also need to finish that.  I have the pictures for it, but I have to put it together, then take pictures of my product and put together a PowerPoint.   Looks like I’ll be putting a lot of time into this class before Tuesday.

Motor Speech Disorders:  Finish chapter 4 (last week’s lecture), read chapters 5-6 for class on Wednesday.  Get caught up on all videos not yet watched.  Rewatch the clips on flaccid dysarthria until I have a better grasp on the characteristics.  Keep up with researching Guillian-Barre Syndrome for my project (first powerpoint due on March 30th). I also need to print several copies of the Mayo clinic rating scale to use during class.  I forgot this week, until we were in class, and then I couldn’t print because my computer was on the wrong connection (the guest network at our house) to access the printer.  Switching networks would log me out of class.  Possible to do, but a pain.  I couldn’t keep track on the word document, because it’s a scan/picture of the form.  So, the printer it is.

Dysphagia: Read chapters 3-5.  Watch last week’s lecture again.  Watch the second video posted on Blackboard, and complete discussion board post.

That’s quite a week! And that doesn’t even get me ahead of the game, just caught up.

In addition I think I need to be printing out lecture notes to reference during class.  It seems like a waste of paper, because they are on the screen on Adobe Connect, plus I have the files on my computer.  However, I need to find some way to take notes during class that makes sense.  Perhaps I could type into the powerpoint during class, but minimizing the Adobe Connect screen so as to have a powerpoint visible at the same time makes it more difficult to read.  I might give it a try, in the name of the trees.

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