23 more days…

My first week has been a bit of a let-down.  I’ve pretty much been sick all week.  A slight cold started a week and a half ago, and while I didn’t really get sick, I got congestion.  Which may or may not (but probably may) be related to the fact that the Oak tree in our backyard is bright yellow with pollen.

Not the best picture, but that bright tree on the right center is oak.  To which I am highly allergic (4+ on the skin test).  I should add that I pulled out my allergy test paperwork to verify that number, and I am not at all allergic to maple, which is nice since we just planted two in the front yard.  Though I’m sure I will be later, the way my body works.

At any rate, this cold/allergy problem induced a case of laryngitis this past week, and I spent all week struggling to talk.  Which, as you may guess, makes doing speech therapy very difficult. Very, very difficult.  My throat doesn’t hurt, but my voice was tired all week.  It’s better now, but still strained.

Allergies have also kicked my asthma into high gear this spring.   After a nice winter without it, I’ve used my rescue inhaler for 4 days in a row, on Friday because I had an asthma attack, which for me is cough-variant.  Happened mid-sentence in conversation with a co-worker.  I need to go to the allergist, clearly, as just Claritin is not cutting it right now.  So I’ve now verified that my current allergist is included in my new health plan (haven’t been to the allergist since 9-2009, though, so I’m not sure it’s considered current!), and I’ll make an appointment next week.

The allergies, cold, and asthma have also limited my physical activity this week.  I ran once, but then have had to take a break, aside from the two times I had to chase the dog for a few blocks as she got out.  Which left me incredibly winded and gasping for air, leading me to deduce that going for a longer run might not be in my best interest.

I have read some, I have watched some fun shows with my husband, I have relaxed.  I also got to go out to a movie and dinner with some great girlfriends last night, which was wonderful (but not so good for my voice, as I forgot to engage the “stop talking!” switch at several points in time.)

I have started going through photos on the camera, including Perpetual Motion Boy’s birthday in March, and our great spring break trip to Washington, D.C.  I’d like to get through those this next week.

  1. #1 by Catharine Bushman on May 15, 2011 - 11:32 pm

    Wow! What a great job you did this semester! I’m so sorry you’ve been sick and hope you feel better soon!

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