Spring Semester in Review, Part 3

Seminar in Child Language: Final grade A, 97%

This class grade was a bit of a wildcard for me, as I did not do as well as I’d like on the midterm.  But our final format was much different, and played right into my strengths–writing and talking about myself.  Ha.  I ended up with full credit on everything but the first midterm, and my grade ended up right where I wanted it.

So, to sum up, I love child language, and I love this textbook, which means I really loved what I learned in this class.  I had covered the first half of my textbook in a class I took last summer as a prerequisite for grad school, and so studying it again meant I have an even better grasp on the material.  For this class, we had weekly assignments, two very practical projects, a midterm, a final, and participation points.

The weekly assignments asked questions about each week’s reading.  Most of the time I tried to read the chapter first before answering the questions, but as time is often short, I sometimes just found the applicable section in the text and then answered the question.   However, in the later chapters that I hadn’t yet read, I tried to read them all.  I know for my personal benefit, I need to read the later chapters again, to really get the most out of them.  While it’s a textbook, and incredibly dense with information, I find it pretty easy to read, so that’s not a task that is too overwhelming.  The question is really about when I’ll read it.  I still need this down time, and then when summer classes start, my time is again short.  I suppose it might remain on the to-read list for sometime in the fall of 2012.

The assignments, as I said, were incredibly practical.  The first was to make a therapeutic treatment product.  I made a photo pronouns book, which I have used a lot already, and use for far more than pronouns, including verbs, simple sentences, third person singular verbs, requesting, asking and answering questions, and vocabulary.  Most of the kids also really enjoy that the pictures are of my family, and it provides a chance for some general conversation about families.  Here are a few pages as an example:


Maybe I need to have a conversation about playing guitar in pajamas…

The second project was much bigger in scope and in points (25 points for the tx product, 100 points for the research project).  Our assignment was to create a Research Resource Binder; my topic was on Early Literacy and the SLP.  I had to find at least 25 resources, review them, and compile them into a document.  Then it all had to be put together into a binder (I printed the articles and some articles, gave a first page or sample for other resources), and a powerpoint presentation put together to show off the binder and discuss the purpose, what was learned, etc.  Finally, we had to write a 2-page reflection paper, a more complete telling than the powerpoint.

It took a lot of time to complete, but I am very thankful for doing it.  I learned so much!  While I might not complete a binder that is so thorough, the concept of this kind of research is very appealing to me.  A binder also provides a place in which to file new resources when they are received, to be able to refer to them later.  I’d like to start a general binder for many topics, either electronically, where I get myself to set up folders, put articles and reviews and websites, etc into the appropriate folder, or actual binders.

Here I am contemplating the wealth of knowledge contained in my new binder, before I turned it in.  Notice the dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep…

And here is  the finished binder.  It’s big!

As I mentioned, the midterm in this class was not my best.  It was true/false, multiple choice, and short answer.  I made some silly mistakes and some mistakes from which I learned.  However, the final was right up my alley.  I feel bad about loving it so much, as many of my classmates hated it.  But, it’s just my style.  I had to write about things I had learned this semester, according to specific parameters in 3 questions.  We had a page limit of 4 pages, double spaced, and that was the hardest part for me.  I could have easily filled 4 pages single-spaced, with 10-point font and .5 inch margins.  Being held to APA formatting was difficult.  I did it, however, and really enjoyed the process of writing it and reflecting upon what I learned.

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