First day(s) of school

2011-2012 started off easily.  We have 3 kids in 3 different schools, which makes for a lot more organization than last year!

First up is Miss Imagination, newly 4, starting her PreK year at her same public Montessori school.  Same teacher, many of the same classmates, but a brand-new school building!  The new building is gorgeous, and I was very jealous.

Next is Perpetual Motion Boy, almost 7 1/2, who started 2nd grade at our local Primary center.  He still gets to walk to school with me, which is a wonderful thing.

My Humorous Thinker, 9 3/4, started 5th grade at a brand-new school.  I miss him a lot at our school, and have moments where I get so confused when I get home and he’s not there.  His school goes later (2:55), and he is currently running cross country, so he’s not done until 5:15.  His school is about 15 minutes away from our house, which is hard for us.  thankfully, it’s 3 minutes from the Montessori school, so morning drop off isn’t too bad for Carl.

And, of course, me.  I started my 2nd full year at school, though it’s my 3rd year, as I started in November 2009.  I love it, still, and even got a new office for this year, which is much bigger than my previous cramped cave.

I think it will be a great year for all of us!

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