Pinterest, I love it!

Late this summer, I finally asked a friend what in the world Pinterest was.  I had a lot of friends posting about it on Facebook, but I figured it was just something silly that I didn’t have time to even consider.   However, when I finally asked, I found out that while there is a small social aspect to it, what was most valuable to this person was the visual bookmarking system.  Visual bookmarks?  The idea of that seemed less like a time waster and more like something that might actually keep me organized.  I’m one of those types who bookmarks an interesting page, which then condemns it to be neglected in some obscure folder forever.  Most of the time, I never look at it again.

Ideas that might make my organization easier, my therapy/work life better, and my cooking life more inspired just fall away, never to enter my mind again.  If I do happen to think about a recipe I saw for miracle soup, that makes your kids smarter and your hair longer… well, I probably didn’t check the name when I bookmarked it, so it’s hard to do a visual scan and find the right one.  I could try to google it again, but then I’d have to actually remember the name of the recipe.  I’m left with either opening every single one of the 50+ recipes in my bookmarks, or just forgetting about it again.

But Pinterest reformed me.  Now, when I need dinner inspiration (0r longer hair), I go to my Pinterest “recipes to try” board.  I quickly scan the photographs and the names, and easily come up with the recipe I want.  This is revolutionary in my life.

Another of my favorite boards is my “Gifts” board.  When I run across a cute homemade gift idea, I pin it.   My current plan is that when I finish my grad school classes on December 13th, I will then check that board again and frantically create before Christmas.  But without this board, I would be stuck then also looking for ideas, which takes me the longest anyway.  (IMPORTANT NOTE:  if you are my family and you are reading this, you either have to not follow that board, or feign surprise and awe later on…)

But the ultimate for me is the idea collection for speech-language pathology.  Once I figured out how to search out other SLP boards, my feed is now full of ideas others find that seem like a good idea for their therapy.  I can quickly scan the pictures in my feed, open in new tabs any that look interesting to me, read those posts/articles, and repin any that I want to do.  Then, when I need an idea for therapy, I quickly scan my pins, and find what I need.  I currently have SLP divided into 3 areas, but someday, when I’m super-organzied, I will divide my “SLP therapy ideas” into more specific categories, such as maybe SLP literacy, SLP articulation, SLP language, and so on.  But for now, even this is much greater than what I had going before.

The only difficult thing about this process is that Pinterest is blocked at work.  So in order to print anything out, I need to open what I want into tabs, and take my laptop to work.  OK, there’s one more difficulty–there is still no good iPad app.  I know that one is bound to change before too long!

Anyway, this all was a very long intro for a current conundrum.  While browsing Pinterest, I had an idea for a material I wanted to create. But, while this was inspired by the blog I was reading, it wasn’t the same.  How can I pin an idea that is still just in my head?  I’m assuming someone, somewhere has made this before, but they either didn’t put it on the internet, or my searching skills are failing, because I can’t find what I want.   I now have to rely on my memory to get me through until Monday, when I can create this (in all of my free time at work!), and then I can blog about it and pin it.  Stay tuned!

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