Semester 4, Week 2

Yes, I’ve missed a few summary-of-grad-school posts.  But, never fear, I’m still in grad school.  However, the workload is quite heavy, and life is quite busy, and sometimes I just don’t want to write about it.   🙂

Semester 4 of 6 has a very nice ring to it!  This semester, I have Voice Disorders, Dysfluency, and Seminary in Phonology.  Whether it’s just luck of the draw or a near-end attempt to frighten us off, I’m not sure, but this is a particularly intense semester.  I also will start my first externship in just a week, adding to my paperwork load immensely.  The first one, thankfully, is also my job, so it won’t add to what I’m already used to doing (aside from the great increase in the amount of paperwork!)

I am glad to be taking all three classes, though the work load is intense.  I can do anything for 14 more weeks.

Voice Disorders:  This class has a somewhat confusing set-up for study preparation and assignment organization.  I’m still mostly sure I’m forgetting something, or misunderstanding something.  My class is on Tuesday evening.  By Tuesday, then, I need to:  finish watching the Tegrity lecture on Anatomy, finish reading Chapter 2 in the text, watch the Tegrity lecture on Voice Disorders, read 2 pdf documents and 2 Word documents.  No assignments due, just keeping up with the material, because the first quiz is coming up the week after.

Dysfluency:  This class is rather straight-forward as to what to do when, which is helpful.   Class is also on Tuesday night.  Before then, I need to:  finish reading Chapter 5 in the text, answer three discussion board questions, and read Chapter 3 in the text.

Phonology:  We have our first class meeting with our instructor on Monday!  Before then, I need to: review the lecture she provided for us since Monday was Labor day and we had no class.  And that’s it, really!  I’m mostly caught up, I think.

Externship:  Next week I want to get my system for recording hours set up, so that it’s not overwhelming when I start.  I also need to write my goals and upload them.

For fun and games, I should put what I need to do for work in here, too.  But I won’t.  If I don’t acknowledge it, it doesn’t exist.  (I’ll break the truth to myself later.  It’s the weekend, I’m going to enjoy!)

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