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We are so excited for fall this year, to watch our new maple trees do their job of being beautiful.   And as I went looking for the old post about our baby maple trees, I realized I never blogged it.  Well, in early May we bought two maple trees. (a side note:  I see when I go through my pictures looking for tree pictures that I never did blog about spring break trip… or the last two kid birthdays…  oops.)

So pretty!  Well, these trees have grown a lot this year.  And Tree Tall (we have Tree Tall and Tree Wide) even housed a nest of baby birds!

Here they are mid-June…

and here is baby bird nest.  I didn’t ever get a picture of baby birds, though.

Now that we’re caught up… Fall.  Fall is here, and our Red Sunset Maple trees are starting to turn red!

Tree Wide is still mostly green.  It’s so cool how the color goes from top down, and tips of the leaves in.  Perfect for a science discussion with the kids!

We’re looking forward to piles of red leaves to rake.  Carl and Humorous Thinker got going on fall yard work anyway, even with just a few leaves.


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Hair Day!

Today was Hair Day in our house.  I do Miss Imagination’s hair nearly every week (though sometimes she can go two weeks), but this week the boys both also needed hair cuts.  Humorous Thinker is no problem; while it’s not his favorite-ever activity, he doesn’t hate it.  Perpetual Motion Boy, however, is a different story.  He hates it.  Really hates getting a haircut.  He hates sitting still, and the boy has an incredibly sensitive head.  Even combing it can set him off, meaning that I have to be especially careful with the scissors or I might accidentally poke him when he suddenly thrashes, which, of course, would set off more thrashing.  I have to steel myself for the whole experience, which is why his hair hasn’t been cut since July (I cut Humorous Thinker’s hair sometime in August, but let the other skip).  I powered through, though, and have three very cute kids with “new” hair.

The side view

The back!  My first-ever cornrows up!  It required her lying down, head on a pillow and turned as much as I could manage while still having her able to see the screen.  I think this style will last two weeks–I’ll put twists into the puff at some point, and then we’ll do a braid-out/twist out to get us to the next weekend.

I just think this picture, with the sunlight, is cool.

Here is Humorous Thinker.  I guess he was showing his “thinker” side tonight–no smiles.

And here he is playing his trumpet, which is why he was so serious in the previous picture

Good photos of Perpetual Motion Boy to come, since he is no longer in perpetual motion…


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Pinned it, then did it!

I suppose I should get to a Fall 2011 Week 6 update (woohoo!  Tomorrow starts week 6  Let’s just forget about the previous updates I’ve missed), but Pinterest is so much more fun.

I’ve been inspired by quite a few games for therapy materials recently.  I’ve pinned them all to my Therapy To-Do board, but that’s about it.  This grad school thing takes so much of my time, who has time for making materials?  But tonight, I saw this great pin, which came from this blog.  I immediately liked it, so I pinned it to my board.

And then I thought about how I could use it this week.  I could use it for articulation practice–make a set of cards for each sound.  I thought about how I could make each sound  a different color (I have 5 different colors of index cards, plus white, so 6 different sounds) so that I could easily use it for a mixed-sound group, too.  I thought about how I could use it in language therapy, too.  I could write different descriptive words, and the student would have to name something that is _________.  Or I could have category names, and they’d have to name 5 things in that category.  Or vocabulary words that they’d have to define.  Or sight words.

And then I thought about my CHAMP camp, the 35 minutes every day where kids are grouped by ability across grade level to work on a particular standard.  This three week period (we’re going into week 3), I have 6 first graders, and we’re working on subtraction.  The first week we worked on the concept with counting blocks, over and over.  The second week we kept working on the concept, and we made a complete set of flash cards, numbers to 10.  This week, I don’t know if I’ve been given a lesson plan yet (wasn’t in my box on Friday when I left), so I wanted to have some idea of what to do, just in case.

And I realized that this game, Bang, would be perfect for CHAMP camp.  When we played a modified version of around-the-world on Friday, it was difficult for anyone to beat the two who have it down pretty well.  This game, everyone is on their own for answering–it doesn’t have to be fast, just accurate.  I think they’ll love it.

Mine is not as pretty as the model.  I didn’t have a coffee can, but I did have an empty yogurt container (I pretty much always have at least one empty yogurt container in the recycling), orange and yellow paper, and Modge Podge.  A yogurt container is a little tricky, since it tapers down, so I made vertical strips instead of horizontal.  And decided that it got the point across.  Here’s a picture of it still drying.

And I also have ready to go “Jacks with Beans“, found on this blog, since it needs just dried beans and a bouncy ball.  I will also use this for articulation, language, and CHAMP camp.  The number of beans you pick up = number of problems solved, words repeated, questions answered, and so on.

Now I just have to decide which one I’ll use first!  It’s good to feel somewhat prepared for a Monday.  We’ll just ignore the way-too-much paperwork I still have to do, at least for a little while longer.

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