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Hair Day!

Today was Hair Day in our house.  I do Miss Imagination’s hair nearly every week (though sometimes she can go two weeks), but this week the boys both also needed hair cuts.  Humorous Thinker is no problem; while it’s not his favorite-ever activity, he doesn’t hate it.  Perpetual Motion Boy, however, is a different story.  He hates it.  Really hates getting a haircut.  He hates sitting still, and the boy has an incredibly sensitive head.  Even combing it can set him off, meaning that I have to be especially careful with the scissors or I might accidentally poke him when he suddenly thrashes, which, of course, would set off more thrashing.  I have to steel myself for the whole experience, which is why his hair hasn’t been cut since July (I cut Humorous Thinker’s hair sometime in August, but let the other skip).  I powered through, though, and have three very cute kids with “new” hair.

The side view

The back!  My first-ever cornrows up!  It required her lying down, head on a pillow and turned as much as I could manage while still having her able to see the screen.  I think this style will last two weeks–I’ll put twists into the puff at some point, and then we’ll do a braid-out/twist out to get us to the next weekend.

I just think this picture, with the sunlight, is cool.

Here is Humorous Thinker.  I guess he was showing his “thinker” side tonight–no smiles.

And here he is playing his trumpet, which is why he was so serious in the previous picture

Good photos of Perpetual Motion Boy to come, since he is no longer in perpetual motion…



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Hair Day

Today’s hair styling was not a shining example of how it can be a bonding moment between mother and daughter.  Miss Imagination was whiny.   Very, very whiny.  I admit that it may have pulled a bit more than normal–I normally do her hair when it’s still wet, right after washing, so it’s easier to slide out any tangles.  But today I did her hair dry, after washing it yesterday.
After wearing it free yesterday (I didn’t take any pictures, but it was cute!), I parted it down the middle last night, then put it in 4 big braids.  Then, this morning I styled it as I had planned.  But because it was free yesterday and I didn’t really detangle it last night (she was kind of grumpy then, I just wanted her to get to sleep!), parting it involved separating a lot of curls, which I guess hurt more than normal today.

You see, Miss Imagination normally doesn’t cry at all when I do her hair.  I do not consider her to have a tender head.  Sometimes she gives a quick exclamation, but she hardly ever fusses unless she’s just bored.  Today, she fussed from the get-go.  I tried doing her hair while she played in her room, but my fingers weren’t working smoothly enough to handle that much head motion today.  So we came downstairs and watched some more Martha Speaks.  That helped, and we got through.  The first half of her head I did not do a great job, but I resisted the urge to take them out and do them again, in the interest of not exasperating my daughter any further.  And as it settled, I admit they don’t look too bad.

I’m still new to cornrows.  Last hairstyle was the first time I’ve done more than just the front “bangs”, and that was only two.  They came out fabulously, much better than this week.  But, it’s still good practice, and after getting the video, it wasn’t too miserable for either of us.

Here it is from the front.  From this far, it doesn’t look too bad.  I love how the cornrows into big puffs worked out.  The puffs softened a lot after I shaped them with a little water and my hands.

And here, this is the vulnerable, “I don’t always know what I’m doing” picture:  from the back, with the flash on, exposing the funky cornrows and not-quite-straight parts.

I do really like the style, though, and I’m excited for her to wear it this week.  I will probably end up doing small twists or braids out of the puffs later on this week.